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Niflink’s range of data communication systems use NIF compression technology to liberate the flow of data for your organisation.

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Cooperative data flows

At Niflink, our range of ICT system solutions democratize your data. Until now, your organisation has spent time, money, and resources overcoming information exchange complications that can be solved.

Our end-to-end systems optimise the exchange of data using custom software and hardware integrations that cooperate to erase connectivity, storage, bandwidth, and cost constraints that limit your data reach.

Solutions for every sector

Our proprietary NIF data compression technology has transformed what is possible with current communication systems, drastically improving ICT across a range of industry sectors around the globe.

After many successful proof of concept initiatives, and escalating demand for pandemic-proof communication – we are proud to offer these systems to the education, medical, media and security sectors.

Problem-free data streaming for world-class virtual experiences everywhere

Data communication solutions

View our range of ICT solutions and let’s work together on your next rebuild. The Niflink technical team creates each custom system from scratch, fine-tuning your hardware, software, training, and set-up requirements.

Niflink Tech

For media and technology companies looking for next generation lossless compression frameworks and multimedia file transfer.

This system is easily the best way to stream live media or transfer video anywhere in the world, in perfect quality.


  • Send and receive files 9X faster
  • Live streaming that never lets you down
  • Easy access for viewers on any device
  • Superior video broadcast quality
  • NIF compression for video, audio and images


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Niflink Tac

For security and surveillance companies that create masses of data and need a high-quality, cost-effective system that optimises storage space. Our security solutions are designed to be error-free for reliable streams that see everything clearly.


  • Advanced file encryption for data security
  • Proprietary automated object analysis technology
  • Perfect quality camera live streams
  • Reliable video and remote surveillance
  • Video compression technology that runs on mobile networks


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Niflink Teach

For educational institutions of all sizes that need reliable access to technologically underdeveloped areas, and smarter EdTech for a virtual class environment. Our education systems make distance learning easy, more inclusive, and within everyone’s reach.


  • Advanced e-learning platform solutions
  • Digital whiteboard for teaching live
  • School management and LMS platform systems
  • Virtual classroom broadcasting and streaming
  • Multi-screen online teaching platform


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Niflink Telemed

For medical organisations and related fields that need intelligent MedTech solutions for providing medical care in remote areas, and better quality virtual healthcare for patients at home. Our latest healthcare communication systems make healthcare accessible.


  • Telemedicine solutions
  • RIS and PACS systems
  • Emergency mobile medical cases
  • Homecare solutions
  • Personal health management systems (PHMS terminals)
  • Medical peripherals and consumables


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Partner with us

Whatever ICT solution you need, Niflink has the expertise to help. Partnering with us means that you will take positive steps to secure your digital future with our radical NIF data compression technology. We will help you navigate the maze of information and communications technology, so that your digital communication system delivers results.

Book a call with us and let’s chat about what Niflink can do for you.

Be part of the shift to high-speed lag-free multimedia transfer with Niflink

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