We are a Technology Solutions Company

We link communities to critical data across the world

Our mission is to connect communities to critical data, by innovating in the fields of data compression, transfer, and storage for your organisation.

Our technology partners

Solving big communication problems with small files

Niflink is an ICT solutions company that builds tailor-made communication systems for various data-critical sectors all over the world. Our NIF compression framework makes this possible.

It helps big companies cope with big data problems, reducing large file sizes to small, highly compressed ones that flow faster over poor connections and low bandwidth lines.

We simplify the flow of data, everywhere.

Technology Solutions Company

Your data communications and networking partner

Who we are

Since 2000, Niflink has been building a team of passionate individuals that are inspired to create meaningful connections between people, using lossless compression technology. 

Our hope is to see this technology completely erase the digital divide that keeps people in technologically underdeveloped areas from achieving their highest potential. We want to tear the walls down and let the data flow.

What we do

Our technical team is dedicated to creating technology-based solutions that simplify business communications. We assess your needs, then build a smart system for you from the ground up.

This includes all hardware, software, and training requirements for a complete end-to-end data communication solution that works for you from day one. We keep it going with regular support and periodic maintenance.

Data solutions include:

Get game-changing data compression technology with Niflink

Company milestones

Some highlights over our 21 years as a technology solutions company

Meet the team

Bruno Iacone

Founder and CEO of Niflink

A highly experienced mechanical engineer with a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Finance, Bruno spent four decades building successful companies before pivoting to integrated technology. As the CEO of Niflink his goal is to improve the virtual day-to-day interactions of people all over the world.

Jens Heimberg

Founder of the JH Group

The leader behind a diverse portfolio of brands across a wide range of business sectors, Jens is best known as the founder of the JH Group and helped expand SpaceMed as a partner in 2016. As a Niflink founder, he believes in turning ordinary businesses into extraordinary performers.

Marius Heunis

Chief Technical Officer

Past Deputy Director and Head of Education Information Management Systems for the Cape Education Department, Marius is qualified as a mechanical engineer and information technology specialist. He focuses on product design, development, prototyping and testing for Niflink systems – especially telemedicine.

Luxolo (Luxx) Ngqoboka

ICT & Multimedia Specialist

The go-to specialist at Niflink for everything related to ICT operations, Luxx holds qualifications in information technology and computer engineering. With years of experience managing multimedia systems implementation, he makes sure every new Niflink system delivers on our promises.

Fabrizio De Paolis

Co-founder, inventor and main developer of Nif technology

The mastermind behind NIF compression technology, Fabrizio has extensive experience working in security sectors on innovative technologies for large corporations like ENI, Thales, and Leonardo Company. He continues to evolve NIF compression tech, making it better with every passing day.

Kgomotso George Maipata

IT Systems Support Technician

Niflink’s main systems technician, Kgomotso has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Cell Biology and Human Biology from Wits, and a Project Management qualification from UNISA. He focuses on installing telemedicine and education systems and training your people to use them effectively.

Jason Maselwa

Assistant Chief Technology Officer

Niflink’s Assistant CTO and an accomplished support administrator with over 10 years of audio, visual and IT experience. Jason has a keen focus on technical aspects of project deliverables, whilst also creating sales opportunities for the group. He has contributed to successful financial years and fostering relationships with clients and vendors.

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