Medical technology that cures the digital divide

Niflink’s healthcare communication systems connect medical institutions with patients that lack access to quality medical advice, treatment, and services.

Our telemedicine partners

Equal Access to Healthcare

Niflink Telemed links people from technologically underdeveloped areas to much-needed healthcare services. Our MedTech solutions remedy common distance, cost, and connectivity problems.

NIF compression technology drastically reduces the time it takes to transfer or stream critical medical reports, files, and media. This kind of technology in healthcare means everyone, everywhere can be treated.

Easy Access to Medicine

Niflink is proud to have advanced data communication systems in medicine. Since the pandemic outbreak, our telehealth solutions have made it safer and more effective to get treated at home for a wide array of illnesses.

From remote consultations to in-home monitoring and direct-to-patient telemedicine, we custom-build systems that speed along recovery and support collaboration between medical professionals.

Make your hospital communication systems up to 90% more efficient

Medical solutions

Discover our complete range of innovative medical communication systems for the healthcare sector.

Our medical technology is easily integrated into your existing technology stack for streamlined set-up, installation, and launch.

RIS and PACS systems

Get cutting-edge Radiological Information Systems (RIS) and Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) from Niflink Telemed powered by Millensys.

Reduce medical file storage by 90%, and confidently work paper-free.


  • NIF compression technology
  • DICOM and HL7 communication standards compliant
  •  FDA, CE and IHE accredited technology
  • POPI Act compliant


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Homecare solution

Niflink’s medical technology makes home diagnostics and treatment fast, efficient, and reliable.

Improve the level of care that you give to your patients with our front-line virtual telemedicine system.


  • Mobile network (GPRS) and Wi-Fi enabled
  • Includes diagnostics software for analysis, monitoring and storage of health data
  • Patient tests from home and the results are instantly analysed
  • Seamless live streaming with patients for quality remote consultations


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Medical peripherals and consumables

Niflink creates custom-built HealthTech medical furniture, equipment and peripherals for your consulting rooms.

Our technicians focus on functionality and efficiency of use when tailoring medical devices and consumables to your needs.


  • Custom cords, leads, probes, cameras, and other devices
  • Full-service installation, software integration and training
  • Consumables like gloves, plasters, and cleaning materials


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Niflink’s telemedicine systems improve your remote diagnostics process.

Treat more patients in less time no matter where they live.


  • Teleradiology
  • Teledentistry
  • Teledermatology
  • and many other specialities

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Emergency mobile medical case

This leap in remote healthcare communication makes it easier to practice medicine on-the-go in remote areas with no connectivity.

The EMMC is built for travel, diagnostics, and emergency data storage.


  • Waterproof military-grade case for super durability
  • Multifunction patient monitor with Windows tablet PC
  • Independent long-lasting power source with various medical devices
  • Built-in connectivity with full video conferencing and broadcasting


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Personal health management system

Our PHMS is an intelligent medical terminal for your private patients.

This self-help medical technology is a state-of-the-art disease tracking and prevention system that collects and analyses health data in real-time.


  • Collects and stores personal life signs data
  • Monitors, analyses, and manages health
  • Heart disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, asthma and more


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Niflink Telemed in action

MTN Telemedicine

In conjunction with MTN, we solved the problem of distance between patients and physicians in South Africa. This project included two key telemedicine solutions:

  • The “ward series”, allowing you to transform all patient rooms at your institution into real telemedicine studios.
  • The “desktop”, allowing you to keep a medical relationship with your patients or other medical personnel from anywhere.

Our solution establishes a link between the patient, accompanied by the medical hardware, and a remote doctor.

Give your patients the virtual treatment they deserve

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