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Niflink builds intelligent security and surveillance systems that capture pixel-perfect video 24/7 while saving you up to 90% more data storage space.

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Niflink creates uncompromising security systems that harness the power of lossless compression technology to achieve new levels of safety. NIF compression has redefined what is possible with video surveillance.

With a multitude of applications our security technology leads the way in making remote surveillance an impenetrably safe system, that gives our clients total peace of mind no matter where they are.

We build:

  • NSatellite control systems
  • NVideo surveillance systems
  • NRemote data compression technologies

Secure monitoring of any location regardless of connectivity, bandwidth, or device.

Security solutions

Explore our full range of high-end security and surveillance solutions.

Video surveillance and remote security


With Niflink Tac we create an all-in-one camera surveillance system that safeguards your premises, no matter where its located. Our security technology uses advanced automatic object analysis for safer monitoring.

A first of its kind in the security industry, our automatic object analysis technology tracks critical objects in your scene. If your defined objects change, the system triggers an alarm and immediately notifies you.

  • NAlarms on predefined events
  • NReal-time remote video monitoring
  • NScene change and motion detection
  • NIncredible remote security capability
  • NEasy existing CCTV camera conversions
  • NLightning-fast video and image processing
  • NSmart alarms on static objects and object removals

Video compression and mobile streaming


Niflink Tac allows you to shrink your files instead of your budget. With NIF compression technology we make sure that your video streams record high quality data without interruption, on low bandwidth connections.

By compressing your media to less than 10% of its original size, you free up 90% of your data storage capacity. Keep your files secure for longer and save money on transfer and storage costs.

  • NOptimise your data storage
  • NComplete video compression solution
  • NStream videos over mobile networks (GPRS)
  • NSuper-fast transfer of compressed video files
  • NEasy system setup, installation, training, and launch
  • NSecure your live feeds with advanced data encryption
  • NInstantly access ongoing surveillance feeds without lag or delay

Get security systems that make remote surveillance up to 9X more effective

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