The fastest way to stream high quality data

Niflink’s state-of-the-art lossless data compression solutions reduce bandwidth requirements by up to 90% without sacrificing quality or resolution.

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Intelligent data transfer

Niflink Tech channels decades of research into a proprietary lossless compression algorithm that shrinks multimedia data like never before. Our ‘Nano Intelligent Formula’ is a new and better way to compress files.

When you use NIF compression, your media retains the original quality and is far superior to that of our closest competitors. For you, that means outstanding quality broadcast and streaming media – transferred anywhere in the world.

Tap into the future of digital communication for the media industry

Reliable live streaming

Future-proof your streaming video media with Niflink Tech.

Our full-service system eliminates equipment issues, video without audio, low quality streams and lost views due to poor internet connection.

Deliver a showstopping experience to your audience, every time.

  • NEnd-to-end encryption for total data security
  • NA seamless high performance, delay-free solution
  • NRecord and archive streamed videos for instant playback
  • NPredictable RTMP live streaming of audio, video, and data
  • NAccess ORVIT tech: optimised real-time video transmission
  • NLive monitoring for real-time data transmission optimisation
  • NTranscoding technology that allows for on-the-go file format conversions

Get lag-free streaming with Niflink’s lossless data compression technology

Low-bandwidth video conferencing

Never have to choose between video quality or cost control again. Niflink Tech’s video conferencing solution gives you instant access to powerful software that solves the technical issues you’ve had to face in the past.

Affordable broadcasting software that works everywhere you go.

  • NLow-cost investment for high returns
  • NSave money on data transfer and storage
  • NYour video streams will never buffer or lag
  • NSoftware that works on any desktop device
  • NPixel-perfect remote meetings regardless of connection

Video conferencing software that easily integrates with your existing systems

Multimedia solutions

Our end-to-end ICT solution for the media and technology industry compresses files by up to 90%. Data transfers are 9X faster with zero loss of quality – all while saving your company on significant data costs and storage space.

Niflink’s lossless data compression manages all audio, video, image, and text files.

Video Compression

Reduce video size for faster large-file transfer.

With NIF compressed video you can send and receive lightning fast / video files, no matter how large they are. Lossless compression shrinks them up to 90% of it’s original size, with perfect decompression.

  • NSend in Kbps but play in Mbps
  • NUnmatched video quality transfer
  • NAffordable video compression that works
  • NUse less data during storage and transfer
  • NNo buffering or lag time for video viewing

Audio Compression

Compress audio files for crystal clear streaming quality.

Make your audio database 5X more efficient while eradicating quality loss and lag as you stream. NIF compression makes the most of any connection so that your users never stop listening.

  • NReduce your audio file size by up to 90%
  • NUse compressed files at their full quality
  • NCost-effective and fast data transfer
  • NStream audio anywhere with low bandwidth
  • NOptimise your storage and data costs

Image Compression

Compress image files and send them everywhere.

Niflink Tech is great for compressing static images, shrinking them so small that they can be sent at high-speed using any internet connection. Share large image files everywhere, even in low bandwidth areas.

  • NDrastically reduce image file sizes
  • NAlways reach technologically underdeveloped areas
  • NMaintain immaculate image quality
  • NSave and create space with better storage utilization
  • NLower your data transfer costs

Transform the way you manage media with NIF lossless data compression

Early Adopters

Be among the first media and technology companies in South Africa to take advantage of our ground-breaking data compression technology.

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