We simplify the flow of data, enhancing

The Human Experience

Niflink uses lossless data compression to shrink your video, image, audio and text files for faster, buffer-free streaming that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Reduce Media Size.

Maintain Media Quality.

Put an end to your data storage, transfer, and connection challenges with the next generation of data compression technologies from Niflink.

data compression

Our technology partners

Turn your data stream into a digital ocean

Niflink is building the future of human-to-machine and machine-to-machine communication. We work with key industry leaders around the world to help them integrate our data communications systems into their companies.


Technology that Links People Together

We transform your existing data infrastructure by optimising digital communications so that they reach everyone, everywhere regardless of bandwidth.


Security for Real-Time Protection

We build systems that reveal unseen dangers using advanced vision and processing technologies for companies in the security sectors.


Education for a digital world

We connect academic institutions with their digital future, helping them develop efficient and creative pathways that improve learning outcomes.


Medical Systems that Advance Health

We create innovative healthcare systems for organisations that work to improve and advance patient care in technologically underdeveloped areas.

Link the world

In a time when data connection means human connection, Niflink aims to solve the problems keeping you from providing world-class multimedia experiences to your communities.

Our end-to-end data communication systems help you use up to 90% less data – for file compression that is up to 90% smaller, and therefor transfers significantly faster than anything currently available on the market.

Niflink systems focus on optimising the flow of data between software and hardware devices – linking communities to critical data across the globe.

Compress to impress

Niflink uses small files, called NIFs, to solve big data problems. Our NIF data compression framework efficiently delivers data because files can be transmitted seamlessly over low bandwidth connections.

This lossless data compression shrinks large files up to 80% of their original size. As a result, you save on data storage and connection costs, and get uninterrupted livestreaming for high-definition video broadcasts.

Compress and share video, image, audio and text files without losing a single byte of quality with our proprietary data communication solutions.


Connecting people to information wherever they are

Compression for video

Get data compression for video, image, audio and text files.

NIF compression saves you up to 90% of your data storage space. Using lossless file compression, a 26MB high resolution image is compressed to as small as 1.09MB, returning to up to 26MB on decompression.

Transfer your media at lightning speeds on slow networks.

Video conferencing solutions

Get communications streaming software and video conferencing equipment.

Host uninterrupted livestreams that never lag or keep people waiting. With lossless compression you can stream up to 1.2mbps HD video at a game-changing 348kbps, or a tiny 32kbps in SD quality.

Host remarkable live or in-person broadcasts everyone can watch.

Data storage solutions

Get most of your media storage space back when you switch to NIF data communications.

Niflink shrinks your files to less than 10% of what they originally were. With our communications software and hardware integrations, you will save on media space and bandwidth, and spend less on storage costs.

Store and transfer media that is up to 90% smaller, with no quality loss.

The best file compression technology in one full-service solution

Niflink secures your digital future:

  • NFaster file transfer speeds
  • NHigh quality media that never distorts
  • NNo low bandwidth connection problems
  • NNever wait for media to load again
  • NHost pixel-perfect live streams
  • NReach rural areas that struggle to connect
  • NSave money and optimize storage space
  • NReliable, stress-free media communications

Data that flows in hard-to-reach places

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Enhancing the human experience

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