Niflink Highlights of the Year

In our latest blog, we take a look at some of the highlights Niflink Teach has achieved to date.

October 4, 2022

While the year isn’t out just yet, we’re feeling the impending arrival of another year passing, in an almost post-COVID time. In 2022, we marked some new milestones spearheaded by our company rebrand, and engaged with new communities in the education sector. From industry events, thought leadership engagements, and exciting giveaways, here are some of our highlights of the year, in case you missed them.

1. Niflink Teach Debuts at the eLearning Africa 2022 Conference in Rwanda

In May this year, our sales team set off for the Land of a Thousand Hills – Kigali, Rwanda – where they attended and exhibited at the eLearning Africa 2022 Conference. As the pre-eminent education event of the year on the continent, it has attracted over 19 000 participants since its launch in 2005. As the quintessential gathering of education thought leaders, policy-makers, ministers, and entrepreneurs, Niflink Teach had the honour of showcasing its edtech solutions to attendees, who were impressed by our full suite of distance learning systems.

Niflink at the eLearning Africa Conference

2. Niflink Teach Launches It’s Showcase Video

While our rebrand took place this year, we’ve always been a major player in the distance learning space, having worked with the Department of Basic Education and the largest network providers in South Africa on projects throughout the country.

A significant milestone for us was when we established a proof-of-concept project with Vodacom and the Eastern Cape Department of Education, to help them address the challenge of teacher shortages in the province. Through this partnership, we were able to connect 84 Teacher’s Centres and 12 Schools of Excellence with our communication systems. You can read more about this case study here.

Additionally, we launched our campaign video to showcase our Niflink Teach solution in action at schools in the Eastern Cape. You can watch it below.

3. EdTech Entrepreneur, Ananya Agrawal, Kicks Off Our Q&A Series

We love to meet and learn about start-ups shaking the edtech scene with innovations that are introduced and scaled at the grassroots level. One such example is Dial-a-Kahaani, a story-based participative network that leverages Interactive-Voice Response (IVR) technology to empower the youth with life skills training. This project is the brainchild of Ananya Agrawal, who we had the pleasure of interviewing on our blog. Ananya launched her initiative at the height of the pandemic and has since scaled its reach to over 13 000 learners in India.

You can read her story, here.

students engaging with the Dial-a-Kahaani IVR platform

4. Marius Heunis, COO of Niflink, speaks at the Africa Rural Education & E-Learning Conference 2022

In August, we attended the Africa Rural Education and e-Learning Conference, where we offered demos of our Niflink Teach software and hardware and gave people the opportunity to interact with our digital whiteboard, an all-in-one touchscreen used for live teaching. This event was particularly special for us given its focus on rural education in the e-learning space; helping schools with limited internet access and underfunded equipment achieve a robust and reliable education programme, is the primary reason we developed Niflink Teach.

To top it off, our COO, Marius Heunis was a guest speaker at the event, sharing his views on Data Usage for the Future Generation in Education. Below are a few highlights of our time at the Conference.

Luxolo Ngqoboka giving a demo of the Niflink Teach digital whiteboard.

5. Niflink Teach Launches its First Giveaway

In August, we gave our social media fans an opportunity to enter our first giveaway, which included prizes for two individual winners and a local school. We even extended our competition to the Africa Rural Education & E-Learning Conference so attendees could nominate a school of their choice to win our grand prize; a 2-night stay for 12 at the Oyster Creek Hotel. Our 3 winners were announced this month on our social media channels. We look forward to introducing our next giveaway in the coming year, so follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and keep an eye out for our next exciting prizes.

Niflink Teach social media competition post

We offer education technology that goes the distance, with our Niflink Teach end-to-end solutions designed to connect any classroom or learning environment through our proprietary NIF data compression technology. Our inclusive, smart education platform can be customised to your needs, no matter where you are in your e-learning journey.

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