Educational Trends and What Teachers Need to Know About Them

November 25, 2022

Educational Trends and What Teachers Need to Know About Them 

Popular educational trends for the coming year to help teachers support their learners effectively. 

In the same way technology is ever-changing, so are the various teaching practices used in our schools. It is incredibly important to keep up with the times and provide learners with engaging methods of tackling their schoolwork in this digitally focused world we live in. We would like to delve into the latest educational trends to give you some food for thought as you plan your lessons for the new year. 

Digital Citizenship 

This educational trend refers to students’ ability to use the internet and technology in the correct way, to facilitate effective learning and study. Positive digital citizenship is becoming increasingly necessary due to the continuous advancement of technology. Though assignments and lessons are traditionally done in person, our current times see most of them move to the online realm. It is therefore even more vital for students to cultivate a healthy relationship with digital learning platforms. Realizing the need for more digital classrooms across the board is what inspired the creation of our distance learning systems. Inclusive e-learning platforms that offer smart technology, irrespective of data-critical areas, is what we believe the future of education should look like. Merging traditional education with new-age technology should be available to all students. 

Bite-sized Learning  

Students are known for having shorter attention spans, especially in junior school, which is why long teaching sessions might not be the best way to educate your pupils. Shorter bursts of learning are gaining popularity as students are finding this way of learning more manageable and engaging. This method of teaching will help you to get the most out of your students in each session 

Brain Break Sessions 

Building on bite-sized learning sessions, brain break sessions are an excellent way to give your students a few minutes to relax between learning new work. This type of break is typically five to ten minutes long and could include activities like stretching or dancing. By implementing this popular teaching trend you will help your students feel refreshed after focusing in class for a certain period of time.


The best way to keep your learners interested and engaged during your lessons is to make them feel as though the work they are studying and the time they are studying for is manageable. By implementing these new-age teaching trends you will aid your students in looking forward to the teaching content because they no longer feel overwhelmed by the volume.

Our team is here to assist you should you want to look into integrating our online learning systems with these new teaching trends. We assist with planning the lesson structure of your education programme and integrate it well into our existing suite of software and hardware solutions. 

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